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Discussing Priorities - Week 7

February 18, 2020Blog Post

I had a some opportunities over the past few weeks to discuss some of my priorities.  I joined Delegate Brooke Lierman and Transportation for America's Beth Osborne to discuss transit in Maryland on the MD Dems Podcast.  I also sat down with 

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Bill Filing Deadline - Week 6

February 11, 2020Blog Post

Last week was the deadline to file legislation in order to be guaranteed a hearing.  In the House, 1,568 bills were introduced.  I am the primary sponsor of 14 of them.

I have discussed several of the previously introduced bills in prior emails.  Here are the other four pieces of legislation:

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Veto Overrides, State of the State, and More - Week 5

February 4, 2020Blog Post

The major excitement on the House floor last week was the successful override of five pieces of legislation the Governor vetoed from the 2019 legislative session.  You can watch that entire day's proceedings by clicking here.

The five bills were:

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What's in the Blueprint for Maryland (Kirwan)? - Week 4

January 28, 2020Blog Post

A major topic of the legislative session is the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, also known as "Kirwan" or the Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Education.  The legislation is the culmination of years of work by a blue ribbon panel studying how Maryland funds education and what we are paying for.  Much of the focus has been on the total cost, how to allocate funds, and how to obtain the revenue necessary, but I also want to talk a bit about what the money will be used for.


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Early Work - Week 3

January 21, 2020Blog Post

In my new role as Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation & Environment, I have had the opportunity to hold some early legislative briefings on some key issues important to our District: the regulation of our local utilities (Pepco); climate change; and priority transportation projects, such as the MARC Commuter Rail and I-270/I-495 Public Private Partnership.


As always, you can keep up with what I am doing by following me at @mkorman on Twitter or by clicking "Like" on Delegate Marc Korman on Facebook.

Administration News

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A Transportation Vision - Week 2

January 14, 2020Blog Post

The Daily Record gave me the opportunity to share some thoughts on a transportation vision for the state of Maryland which I also wanted to share with you, which you can also read online:

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A New Legislative Session - Week 1 Update

January 7, 2020Blog Post

The 441st session of the Maryland General Assembly convenes today.  Although the legislature only meets for 90 days, as your Delegate I work year-round to represent each of you and our district.  But the next 90 days will be a sprint of legislative productivity in Annapolis.  

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Happy Holidays: December Update

January 6, 2020Blog Post

Next month, the 2020 legislative session will begin and these emails will be coming out weekly.  If you have any questions during the session or views you would like to share, just clicking reply to this email will deliver a message directly to me.  If you would like to see dates of interest during the legislative session, 

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Gearing Up: November Update

November 14, 2019Blog Post

Things are really gearing up towards the end of the year as we head into the 2020 legislative session.  Around this time each year, state legislators meet with various groups to discuss their 2020 legislative agendas; the Montgomery County House and Senate Delegations have a series of meetings in Rockville; and my office finalizes our legislative package.  Recently, for example, the District 16 Team met with Jews United for Justice.

As always, you can keep up with what I am doing by following me at @mkorman on Twitter or by clicking "Like" on Delegate Marc Korman on Facebook.

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Fall Legislative Activities: October Update

October 13, 2019Blog Post

The Montgomery County Delegation--the 24 Delegates from the county that I chair--is kicking off its fall legislative activities in Rockville.  These annual meetings include a public presentation from the Maryland Department of Transportation, an "open mic" night where any county resident can testify about their priorities, and hearings on local legislation.

As always, you can keep up with what I am doing by following me at @mkorman on Twitter or by clicking "Like" on Delegate Marc Korman on Facebook.

Legislative News

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