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Marc is a product of Montgomery County Public Schools and the University of Maryland School of and he understands how our public investments benefit all Maryland residents. As a father and someone who works in the private sector, he also knows first-hand the importance of the bottom-line. Marc brings these important perspectives to bear when working on the state’s budget.  Marc serves on the Appropriations Committee which addresses the budget in great detail each year, reviewing each agency’s budget request line by line.

  • Economic growth and prosperity are vital to District 16, Montgomery County, the state of Maryland, and the country as a whole.  If families and businesses prosper, we can better afford valuable services.  But this requires a balanced, common-sense approach to state budgeting and finances.
  • With the influx of people moving to Montgomery County and the high standard of living that exists here, Marc believes that we need to create a state budget that supports a 21st Century economy that can continue to attract businesses focused on clean energy, biotechnology, healthcare, and more. We also must ensure that we are educating our citizens for this economy so businesses will invest in Maryland. This means investing in infrastructure that supports a strong economy. Marc is working to invest in programs that help to bring 21st Century jobs to our state while also investing in our communities so that our citizens will be equipped to do these jobs.
  • To keep our fiscal house in order, Maryland legislators must do a better job of assessing current programs to see what is working and what should be reformed.  With 23 Cabinet departments, the state has a larger cabinet than the federal government.  Marc believes this structure needs to be realigned and reorganized for the 21st century with a focus on improved inter-departmental coordination and elimination of redundancies.

Marc has also been at the forefront of budget reform efforts.  When the legislature is not in session, the Board of Public Works (made up of the Governor, Comptroller, and State Treasurer) are authorized to make budget reductions without any public notice of transparency.  Marc authored the Board of Public Works Transparency Act which passed into law and provides public participation in this opaque process.


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