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Animal Welfare

Marc knows that pets and animals are an important part of our lives and, just like us, deserve to always be treated with dignity. That is why throughout his time in the legislature, he has made sure that people are held accountable for animal abuse and neglect and that our animals always get the protections they deserve. 

​Marc has supported legislation that:

  • Requires research facilities to set up adoption programs for dogs and cats and allows them to coordinate with animal rescue organizations. 
  • Prevents someone convicted of animal cruelty from having an animal for a certain period of time after their conviction.
  • Requires vets to report suspected animal abuse and neglect as well as animal fighting, in the same way that doctors and teachers must report suspected child abuse.
  • Bans puppy mills, which breed dogs in crowded and often inhumane conditions.
  • Requires animal control units to check animals for a microchip and try to contact the animal’s owner before selling or moving the animals. 

Marc is committed to fighting against inhumane treatment of animals and to ensure that they are treated with the respect and care they deserve.  


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