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Marc knows that pets and animals are an important part of our lives and, just like us, deserve to always be treated with dignity. That is why throughout his time in the legislature, he has made sure that people are held accountable for animal abuse and neglect and that our animals always get the protections they deserve. 

Marc is a product of Montgomery County Public Schools and the University of Maryland School of and he understands how our public investments benefit all Maryland residents. As a father and someone who works in the private sector, he also knows first-hand the importance of the bottom-line. Marc brings these important perspectives to bear when working on the state’s budget.  Marc serves on the Appropriations Committee which addresses the budget in great detail each year, reviewing each agency’s budget request line by line.  Read more.

The foundation of our country is equality and liberty.  At times, some seem to forget that we should treat each person with the same respect and dignity with which we want to be treated.  Maryland continues to be a national leader in protecting a woman’s right to choose, supporting Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (“LGBT”) rights and promoting progressive values. Marc's support for these values has earned him the endorsements of NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland and Equality Maryland in 2014.  Read more.

A prosperous and strong economy is good for everyone.  It will also allow us to make the investments we need in schools, infrastructure, the environment, and to assist those less fortunate.  Marc believes that the keys to the County’s economic success are maintaining great schools and improving the transportation network.  Read more.

Marc is a product of Montgomery County schools (Beall Elementary School, Julius West Middle School, and Richard Montgomery High School) and a father, so he understands the importance of keeping Montgomery County schools among the best in the nation.  Marc’s goal will always be to make certain the schools serve his children and other County children as well as they served him.  Montgomery County’s brand is education.  It is why many have decided to live here or base businesses here.  We must make sure we continue to support and maintain this crown jewel of the County.  Read more.

Marc believes that protecting our environment and finding sustainable sources of energy are among the most important issues facing Marylanders in the coming years.  That is why he is proud to have received a 100% voting record from the League of Conservation Voters in 2016. Maryland has 3,200 miles of shoreline and even small changes to the climate and sea level will have major implications to our environment, economy, and quality of life.  The state is also blessed with the Chesapeake Bay, a true environmental gem that we must work to protect and restore.  Demand for energy has leveled off in recent years, but this is due as much to a slow economy as it is to any policy or behavioral shift.  As the economy grows and energy demand increases, prices will rise and new sources will be needed.  The question becomes, where does Maryland want its energy to come from: dirty fossil fuels or new, clean sources?​ Read more.

Healthcare impacts the well-being of every person in our State and plays a significant role in our economy and budget. Marc believes we must do everything possible to provide and maintain access to affordable, high-quality care while finding innovative solutions to control costs. By supporting world-class care, innovation, and wellness, Marc believes that Maryland residents and businesses will prosper. Marc’s six-part health care plan for Maryland includes: Read more.

The delivery of power to our community—to our homes, our businesses, and more—is essential to our quality of life. Marc believes that ensuring reliable service from Pepco is a consumer protection issue. But the storms of the recent past demonstrate that Pepco must do better in making our delivery systems more resilient. The unreliability of swift recovery jeopardizes the well-being of our citizens and hampers our economic growth.  Read more.

Changes in the federal government impact every one of us around the country. At such a critical time in our country’s history, it is vital that we do everything we can, both nationally and at the state level, to protect our citizens from harmful federal actions. Marc is fighting every day to maintain the rights that all Marylanders deserve. Read more

The regular occurrence of tragic events such as Sandy Hook Elementary School are a reminder of the too frequent acts of violence perpetrated with guns, and we must do all that is possible to protect our children and the public from gun violence.  We must also continue to invest in law enforcement capabilities to ensure that our public gathering spaces—such as the Capitol Crescent Trail and parking garages—are safe.  Read more.

Montgomery County’s senior population plays an integral part in our community and their role in our families, economy, and civic life must be supported by our State government in Annapolis.  Policies that recognize the role of seniors protect all of us—after all, by 2020, the senior population of Montgomery County will increase by 74 percent, with approximately one in four residents over the age of 60.  This demographic shift in our population necessitates that we invest in the care of our seniors today so that we are prepared for the seniors of tomorrow.  Read more.

Independent studies consistently rate our region’s traffic among the worst in the country, with local drivers sitting in traffic twice as long as the national average.  But traffic is about more than our frustration commuting to work each day.  Our County’s economic plan relies on Metro (Bus, MetroAccess for the disabled, and rail).  With over 50% of our land set aside as protected green space (the Ag Reserve and parks) and another 40% of land set aside for single-family homes, new businesses and residents need to be near Metro stations.  Even new development not planned around Metro stations assumes access to rapid transit to and from those stations.  The Red Line is truly the double economic spine of Montgomery County.  Read more.


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