Community Leader Marc Korman Files Candidacy for Delegate in District 16

Community Leader Marc Korman Files Candidacy for Delegate in District 16
Korman Also Announces Campaign Committee

Bethesda, MD - Marc Korman announced that he has filed to run for the House of Delegates in District 16 in the 2014 Maryland election.  Korman also released a list of almost 100 District 16 Democratic activists, business owners, civic leaders, and other members of the community serving as his campaign committee.

"I am excited to engage in a campaign of ideas.  The most important issue facing our community is sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all.  Improving the outlook for jobs and economic success will allow us to do many of the things we desire as progressives: improving our quality of life, cleaning up the environment, rebuilding our infrastructure, and assisting those less fortunate.  In our community, that means focusing on our successful schools and our transportation network."

Korman continued that “among the important ways the community can ensure economic success is working to fix Metro. Our regional bus, rail, and paratransit system moves hundreds of thousands of people to work each day and with improved service and dedicated funding it will better allow hundreds of thousands of residents to have easier drives while fueling many of our economic hubs.”  Maryland is a key stakeholder in Metro, providing hundreds of millions of dollars to the system annually in operating and capital subsidies.  “Montgomery County must also receive increased funding for school construction,” Korman added, “with a system already busting at the seams and 10,000 additional children expected to enter the 149,000 student system over the next five years, this is a necessity.” 

According to Friendship Heights resident and Korman supporter Isaac Salazar, "Marc will bring a breath of fresh air to Annapolis."  He continued, "Marc combines a great record of local service and knowledge of the community with a new outlook and original ideas that will make him an excellent representative for us in the House of Delegates."

"Marc understands that improving our community is about both policy and people. He knows the details of every issue and how to build relationships to make things happen. Having a family and a small business, I know without a doubt that the work Marc will do in Annapolis is going to make District 16 an even better place to raise our kids and enjoy fulfilling careers," said Bethesda business owner and 2010 District 16 Delegate candidate Scott Goldberg.

Lora Drezner, an active Democrat in Potomac, added "Marc's ability and drive to connect with all constituents in our district reflects his Montgomery County roots and firm belief that what is accomplished in Annapolis directly impacts the quality of life in our community." 

Former Chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Party and District 16 resident, Stanton Gildenhorn, said he is supporting Marc because “he has distinguished himself as an outstanding member of our Democratic Central Committee and has demonstrated a grasp of the issues which will make him an outstanding Delegate in Annapolis.”

Korman has served as District 16's elected member to the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, the body that governs the local Democratic Party, since 2007.  He also chairs the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, a County-chartered organization that advises County government on local issues, and serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Bethesda Urban Partnership, the non-profit that manages downtown Bethesda.  A Montgomery County native, Korman lives with his wife, Rebecca, and son, Harrison, in Bethesda and works as an attorney in Washington, DC, specializing in communications and transportation law.

Korman for Delegate Campaign Committee:

  • Dawn Arrington
  • Foroud Arsanjani
  • Simon and Ellen Atlas
  • Mary Ann Banta
  • Ruth Baker-Battist
  • Arlene Begelman
  • Mike Beland and Catherine Hodgetts
  • Joy Bennett
  • Cathy Bernard
  • Matthew Berzok
  • Eric Blume
  • Natalie and JP Bouquet
  • Nate Brown
  • Sue Byrnes
  • Doug Canter
  • Jody Chase
  • Allen Combs
  • Jillian Copeland
  • Ronit Dancis
  • Lora E. Drezner
  • Ed Esty
  • Jane Fairweather
  • Dan Farrington
  • Lauren Fernandez
  • Janet Floam
  • Lucy Freeman
  • Bonnie Garrett
  • Dan Geldon
  • Dan Geselowitz, Sandra Cohen, and Samuel Geselowitz
  • Stan Gildenhorn
  • Scott Goldberg
  • Gene Granof
  • Nancy Greenspan
  • Eliot Greenwald
  • Noah Grosfeld-Katz
  • Michael Gruenberg and Barbara Bryden
  • Judy Hallett
  • Dan Hattis
  • Sally Hart
  • Craig Herskowitz
  • Nancy Holland
  • Richard Hoye
  • Ella Iams
  • Tracey Johnstone
  • Elaine Joost
  • Almina Khorakiwala and Matt Herrmann
  • Mary Kiraly
  • Lawrence Kotchek
  • Rich Lane
  • Michael Lemov
  • Gil Lessenco
  • Harvey Lerner
  • Marilyn Lipowsky
  • Janet Lowenthal
  • Adam Luecking
  • Sophie Makanoff
  • Paul Mandell
  • Tom Manatos
  • Zeinab Mansour
  • Dave Marblestone
  • Marcia Marks
  • Jim Mercurio
  • Jane Merkin
  • Dennis and Milagros McGuire
  • Johanna Mendelson Forman and David S. Forman
  • Lesley O’Malley
  • Jerry Morenoff
  • Lisa Neuder
  • Josh Rales
  • Robbie Rich
  • Joan Riggs
  • Linda Rosen
  • Beth Rosenthal
  • Ben Ross
  • Jonathan Sachs
  • Isaac Salazar
  • Fred Sand
  • Madeleine Sigel
  • Linda and Len Simon
  • Michael Sriqui
  • Ethan Susseles
  • John Thomas
  • Norman and Tara Van Toai
  • Susan Weinmann
  • Jon Weintraub
  • Emily Wurtz

More information about Korman and his policy positions and proposals is available at

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