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On Monday, the legislative session passed the "cross-over" deadline.  "Cross-over" is the date by which bills must pass one chamber to be guaranteed a hearing in the other.  This meant a flurry of legislative activity over the past few days, including aSaturday floor session.

High school students can begin to earn college credit through the Montgomery County 

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As we dig out of the first--and possibly last--snow storm of the year (and our area largely avoided major impacts), here are some websites and phone numbers that could be of interest.


I was asked to provide remarks about Purim on the House floor.  Here is what I said:


Each year Comcast Newsmakers affords legislators an opportunity to speak about legislation they are working on.  In my interview, shot a few weeks ago, I discussed energy storage, Metrorail safety, and second hand smoking legislation, just a few of the bills and issues I am working on this session.

One of my major initiatives since being elected to the legislature has been expanding energy storage in the state of Maryland.  Energy storage, which includes technology such as batteries, has many beneficial uses including serving as back-up power, providing frequency regulation to the electric grid, and allowing for micro-grids totally disconnected from our legacy electric system.  But the most exciting benefit of electric storage to me is pairing storage with intermittent renewables, which will allow us to use more wind and solar for electricity generation.

Almost exactly a year ago, I was able to send a weekly update entitled "Making a Change Without Passing a Bill."  I am pleased to be able to do so again.  The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Office of Health Care Quality has 

February 10 was the bill introduction deadline in the Maryland House of Delegates, the date by which a bill must be introduced in order to be guaranteed a hearing.  1,526 bills and nine resolutions were introduced in the House by the deadline.

Each week, a few high school seniors from around the state come to Annapolis to serve as House Pages.  In addition to learning the inner workings of the legislative branch, these Pages help run the House floor.  Last week we were joined by Michael Blakeslee from Walter Johnson High School.


This week we have been joined by Joy London, a senior at Whitman High School.  If you or a student you know is interested in the Page program, more information can be found here.

If you are a regular reader of my updates, you know I try to stay in my lane as a state elected official.  But recent national events have stirred me and many others up.



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