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Welcome to the website of Marc Korman for Delegate.

I believe the most important issue facing District 16, Montgomery County, the state of Maryland, and the United States is the same: sustianable economic growth and prosperity. 

If the economy is strong, we will be able to invest and achieve many important goals which will improve our quality of life.  This includes cleaning and protecting our environment, rebuilding our infrastructure, and assisting those less fortunate.  

In Montgomery County, our economic success is built on our tremendously successful school system and our transportation network.  If we continue to support and improve these assets, our potential is limitless.

I am excited to be engaged in a campaign of ideas and hope you will use this website to learn my views on the important issues facing our community. 

If you have additional thoughts or would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact us!

Thank you,



What's New?

Standing Up On The Floor

March 24, 2015Blog Post

There have been lots of exciting moments during my first session as a Delegate, but a big one came last week when my committee and subcommittee chairs let me defend a bill on the House floor.  The legislation, sponsored by Delegate Karen Young from Frederick County, related to student data privacy.  The bill passed out of the Appropriations Committee on a bipartisan basis and I had the honor of speaking for the Committee on the floor.  I explaine

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Passing Legislation

March 11, 2015Blog Post

The big news this past week is all about politics.  Senator Barbara Mikulski has decided not to seek reelection after five terms in the Senate.  The news that several of Maryland's Members of Congress may run for the seat has many of my colleagues--and a long list of others from outside the legislature--considering Congressional campaigns.  Interestingly, state legislators are not on the ballot in 2016 and do not need to give up their current seats to run (but would have to resign if they win).  I am excited to be supporting Chris Van Hollen for the U.S.

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Committees and Questions

March 4, 2015Blog Post

Members of the General Assembly are given funds to award scholarships to residents of their districts for higher education. If you or someone you know is interested, please visit scholarship for more information about the process. Applicants must live in District 16 and either be pursuing their degree in Maryland or seeking to obtain a degree unavailable in the state. More information is on the site.

Legislative News

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First Votes

February 18, 2015Blog Post

The legislative session continues.  Last week we took our first votes of the session (and,of course, the first votes of my career) on the House floor.  The legislation was technical in nature and non-controversial, but it was still exciting to cast a real vote.  

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More Bills and the Governor's Agenda

February 12, 2015Blog Post

Thursday is the bill introduction deadline in the House of Delegates.  Any bill introduced aftertomorrow at 5pm is not guaranteed a hearing.  I am in the process of introducing two more pieces of legislation before the deadline:

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