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Welcome to the website of Delegate Marc Korman. 

I was first elected in 2014 and have dedicated my time in the state legislature to ensuring economic growth and prosperity for all Marylanders. If the economy is strong, we will be able to invest and achieve many important goals which will improve our quality of life. This includes cleaning and protecting our environment, rebuilding and maintaining our infrastructure, assisting those less fortunate, and ensuring that all Marylanders have access to opportunities regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

In Montgomery County, our economic success is built on our tremendously successful school system and our transportation network. If we continue to support and improve these assets, our potential is limitless. During my time in the legislature, I have written and supported bills ensuring adequate education funding, improving conditions for Maryland workers and enhancing the quality of public transportation.

I am excited to continue engaging in a campaign of ideas and hope you will use this website to learn my views on the important issues facing our community.

If you have additional thoughts or would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact me!

Thank you,


What's New?

Passing a Bill

February 13, 2018Blog Post

The full House has passed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Extension Act (HB 230), which I authored.  The Senate version of the bill has also passed that body.  This is major progress for a bill this early in the legislative session.  There is still work to do, but this is good news for legislation that will ensure Maryland remains in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, our regional cap and trade program for power plants.

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Budget Hearings

February 6, 2018Blog Post

Much of the work in Annapolis is done through committees.  Unlike Capitol Hill and other state legislatures, each Delegate only serves on one of six legislative committees.  I serve on the Appropriations Committee which has jurisdiction over the budget, as well as policy affecting state personnel and higher education.  Because we only serve one one committee, the expectation is that we attend committee hearings unless our own bill is being heard elsewhere.  If you watch a committee hearing in Annapolis, you will notice far more members in attendance than you see at most hearings on C-SPAN. 

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State of the State Address

January 30, 2018Blog Post

On Wednesday, Governor Hogan will be delivering the State of the State Address in the chamber of the House of Delegates.  Maryland Public Television will stream the address live at noon.


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Post Shutdown

January 23, 2018Blog Post

As I write this email, the federal government has reopened--at least for a few weeks.  Federal government shutdowns are disruptive for the entire country, but has a disproportionate impact in Maryland, Montgomery County, and District 16.  When I was out knocking on doors over the weekend, I heard from a lot of our neighbors about this issue.  I wish I could promise that the situation in Washington will improve, but there does not seem to be much hope of that.  But I do take some hope from the situation in Annapolis.  Despite divided government--an excuse for polarization and paralysis that

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Veto Overrides, Taxes, and More

January 16, 2018Blog Post

The legislature convened one week ago and the pace of work is picking up.  Usually, the first few floor sessions are short and filled with formalities as committees have not yet reported out any legislation.  But on our second day last week, we turned to overrides of two of the Governor's vetoes related to earned sick leave and higher education.

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