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Welcome to the website of Delegate Marc Korman. 

I was first elected in 2014 and have dedicated my time in the state legislature to ensuring economic growth and prosperity for all Marylanders. If the economy is strong, we will be able to invest and achieve many important goals which will improve our quality of life. This includes cleaning and protecting our environment, rebuilding and maintaining our infrastructure, assisting those less fortunate, and ensuring that all Marylanders have access to opportunities regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

In Montgomery County, our economic success is built on our tremendously successful school system and our transportation network. If we continue to support and improve these assets, our potential is limitless. During my time in the legislature, I have written and supported bills ensuring adequate education funding, improving conditions for Maryland workers and enhancing the quality of public transportation.

I am excited to continue engaging in a campaign of ideas and hope you will use this website to learn my views on the important issues facing our community.

If you have additional thoughts or would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact me!

Thank you,


What's New?


April 13, 2021Blog Post

The 2021 Maryland legislative session has come to a close.  The legislature convened at an unprecedented time as our state continues to battle a public health pandemic and endure the ensuing economic challenges.  Despite these difficulties, the legislature was still able to make significant progress on key issues.

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Homestretch and Vaccines

April 6, 2021Blog Post

We are in the home stretch of the legislative session with adjournment scheduled for late on Monday, April 12th.  There is always a flurry of activity during these finals days of activity and some big ticket items remain to be addressed.  Police reform has been a significant issue this legislative session.  The House and Senate have passed competing bills on the topic and they still need to be reconciled.  Similarly, the Climate Solutions Now Act--to increase our greenhouse gas reduction goal and establish more policies to achieve it--is in different forms in the House and the Senate.  Thos

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Presentment and Vaccinations

March 30, 2021Blog Post

We are in the midst of "presentment week" in Annapolis.  Under the Maryland Constitution, the Governor has six days to veto or sign bills passed by the General Assembly during the legislative session, otherwise they become law without his signature.  That means in order to be able to override a Gubernator

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Vaccinations and Legislative Process

March 23, 2021Blog Post

The Governor announced the path forward on vaccine eligibility late last week.  By April 27, all Marylanders 16 years of age and older will be eligible for the vaccine.

The Governor also formally announced the state-supported mass vaccination site in Montgomery County that we have known was coming since last week.  It will be located in Germantown and will open in early April.

Even as vaccine supply shipments from the federal government increase, the broad groups becoming eligible for the vaccine will constrain our supply and capacity.  Here are a few tips:

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Crossover and Vaccinations

March 16, 2021Blog Post



Monday is the "crossover" deadline, the date by which legislation is supposed to pass from one chamber to the other for further consideration.  It will be a busy few days for the legislature, including weekend sessions, as committees move legislation.  The annual operating budget is also headed to the House floor.

As always, you can keep up with what I am doing by following me at @mkorman on Twitter or by clicking "Like" on Delegate Marc Korman on Facebook.


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