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Welcome to the website of Delegate Marc Korman. 

I was first elected in 2014 and have dedicated my time in the state legislature to ensuring economic growth and prosperity for all Marylanders. If the economy is strong, we will be able to invest and achieve many important goals which will improve our quality of life. This includes cleaning and protecting our environment, rebuilding and maintaining our infrastructure, assisting those less fortunate, and ensuring that all Marylanders have access to opportunities regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

In Montgomery County, our economic success is built on our tremendously successful school system and our transportation network. If we continue to support and improve these assets, our potential is limitless. During my time in the legislature, I have written and supported bills ensuring adequate education funding, improving conditions for Maryland workers and enhancing the quality of public transportation.

I am excited to continue engaging in a campaign of ideas and hope you will use this website to learn my views on the important issues facing our community.

If you have additional thoughts or would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact me!

Thank you,


What's New?

Week 7 - On Kojo

February 19, 2019Blog Post

I had a great thrill last week participating on a WAMU show I have been listening to for years, the Kojo Nnmadi show.  The show was about the Governor's proposed highway expansion.  You can listen to it here.

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Drop Deadline - Week 6 Update

February 12, 2019Blog Post

Last week was the deadline to introduce bills and be guaranteed a hearing.  Yes, unlike Capitol Hill, every bill introduced by a certain date gets its own hearing in the state legislature.  Here is my messy board where we keep track of the eleven bills I have introduced.

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Week 5 Update - Public Transit Caucus

February 5, 2019Blog Post

One of my first items of business when I arrived in Annapolis four years ago was co-founding the WMATA-Metro Work Group to increase oversight of--and support for--the Metro system.  We have had some success over the past few years, but there is still a long way to go.  I am pleased that our four years of work are now feeding into a larger effort, the new Public Transit Caucus.  The Caucus will continue to shine a light on WMATA, while also focusing on other transit issues around the state.  Delegates Brooke Lierman and David Fraser Hidalgo, as well as Senators Malcolm Augustine and Pam Beid

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More Bills - Week 4 Update

January 29, 2019Blog Post

I continue to introduce legislation for the 2019 session.  Bills I have introduced during the past few days include:

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The Budget - Week 3 Update

January 22, 2019Blog Post

Last week was a big one for the Governor: he was inaugurated for a second term and introduced his fiscal year 2020 budget proposal.  I enjoyed the day of ceremony as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor were sworn in, and I'm glad the inaugural address given outside the capitol did not occur during the polar vortex.  As for the budget, I cannot overstate its importance to our state.  It is the only piece of legislation the legislature must address each year in order for us to adjourn.  But more than that, how we spend your tax dollars is a statement about what we value.

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